say we cover our lips with duct tape and tie our hands with rope from boats in our tries of self-captivity and long stares into each other’s eyes, filled with hope I’d like to tell you a few things before we’re unwound by our very own: You’re beautiful. Not because I finally got to get […]

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we for go.

the phone rang after some hours we’d got home. “Chale tonight eh e go bee serious! Come plus the girls, and please come strapped! As in strapped, ankasa!” Fredo. He hang up way before we could tell him that we might not surface. The paperwork for Monday alone… “Chale so how we go do am […]

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Close your eyes and tell me what you see! And this was her third try after shutting her eyes so hard, and telling herself that this soothsayer wouldn’t succeed in taking her GH¢70 she planned on getting herself a bomber jacket for her bi-monthly photoshoot And then, clipping going on a crescendo winds blowing very […]

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did we get there?

did we get there like we said we would? our plans did roll out successfully, and we saw to it that execution of all procedures were done as they should we set the mood – music, food – and the venue we picked brought out what we intended to do our smiles said all there […]

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let’s watch us souls walk our way on these lines perfection beyond trapeze artists and winged creatures see our invincibility show prowess as we style the walk projections better than cats and dogs I pick sane Garfield and you pick Butch we’ll find ourselves at the poles’ ends without a change in our looks you […]

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oh lonely self

A stare into the heavens – twas only the brown in the ceiling he saw. The melodies of the room were bird chirps, feet dragged and occasional engine revving. A scratch on the cheek to take away the nervousness, and tapping of the thighs in case there came words to describe the moments he lived […]

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inspired by a “scenery”… He saw green on the walls of his newfound friend’s house, crawling unto the porch and hanging on the edge of the porch. Such a beautiful sight it was – dancing in the way of the dirt in between the brown walls; bomber jackets doing a better covering up than moss […]

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